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Contemporary Art & Sculpture Exhibition

29 April 2017 to 30 April 2017

All available dates: 29 April 2017 to 30 April 2017

Midday until 6pm

at Canwood Gallery and Sculpture Park, Checkley (between Ledbury and Hereford)

Canwood Gallery is delighted to announce an exhibition in collaboration with Hereford College of Arts featuring work by 2nd year students studying fine art.

‘X Marks the Spot’ of a secluded Herefordshire idyll where a diverse group of emerging artists have organised and installed an exhibition of their work.

‘X Marks the Spot’ where you can explore an array of multi-media Fine Art across three unique exhibition spaces. Although X marks is a geographical location it also marks a point in time for these up-and-coming artists as they embark upon career paths likely to be as diverse as their work.

They want you to experience their art and celebrate with them this particular point in space and time – ‘X Marks the Spot’. As well as the exhibition by Hereford College of Arts in two galleries Canwood also has 10 acres of a contemporary sculpture park, including work by Walenty Pytel, Angela Connor and Carl Andre.

Set in rolling countryside in an area of outstanding natural beauty feel free to come and stroll amongst great art in a picturesque rural setting.

Open every day from 12 – 6pm 7th April – 17th April and then Friday, Saturday and Sunday until 30th April.


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