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Can you make my advert look Christmassy?

I can hardly get my head around it in August, but it is that time of the year again when we start work on the October/November edition of our magazines. It is the time when we could be asked if we can make an advert look Christmassy. It is the time when one of our customers – Jane from ‘Just So’ in Barnards Green, Malvern – writes for us an article on the Christmas trends this year.

It is one of the most challenging and exciting magazines to produce every year. Challenging because it is holiday time when we are contacting our customers and potential customers and ask them to start thinking about the lead up time to Christmas. It is important to time this right, ensuring we get hold of people before or after they go on holiday, so they don’t miss out. Because the October/November edition has proven to be a popular time of the year to start letting local readers know about services, shops and trades that are available to get things in order for Christmas. My colleagues Tina and Julie will work tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure every business who wants to advertise is given the opportunity to do so.

Exciting because we love getting in the stories, events and articles that remind people of the good work that goes on locally to keep locals entertained and supported during the darker, colder and less sunny days in the year. Our in-house journalist James is already contacting groups, individuals and charities to make sure we get the information for the articles in time for print mid-September. And exciting because it is our mission to help more local businesses each year get their message out to local readers of our magazines. On average we help more than 200 businesses each edition, to promote themselves to in total 32,000 homes and businesses in the Malvern Hills and Worcester areas, via the three titles we produce.

The one thing we do not have to worry about yet is the distribution of those thousands of copies, as that happens in September, when we don’t expect snow and ice as yet. Our team of over 60 deliverers will be ready to walk the streets during the last week of September to get the magazines through all the doors. We will be hoping for sunshine of course, not rain, or at least some dry moments to do so.

So when I am asked to make an advert look Christmassy, often it is through adding a Christmas hat, some holly or a bauble or two. Or I work with the Christmas colours green and red, suitable seasonal pictures or appropriate text. As we offer a free design service, it is one of my tasks as the editor to prepare the adverts for our customers, just before I will start to create the magazines. All done in-house. It means we can accommodate every last minute event, advert change or addition to the magazine until the last day of going to print. The life of a publishing editor is never boring!

If you want your business promoted through on or more of our magazines in the October/November edition, do get in touch by Monday 11 September at the very latest, to see how we can help. You can call Tina on 07952 591031 or drop her an email Any story request, events and group details can be emailed to Alternatively you can give the office a ring on 01684 252242 or you can visit one of our websites: & – you will be able to read through our current magazines to see what they look like and if it is something for you.

You can download our media pack here.

And of course, any non-Christmassy advert is still very welcome in the magazine :)


Publishing Editor, All About Magazines