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Mindfulness Courses with Kaspa Thompson

Introduction to Buddhism - 6 week programme

This is not a course that aims to teach you to become Buddhist, rather it aim to give you an idea of the richness of Buddhism and ask what teachings and practices can help us in our own lives right now.

We’ll look at a brief history of Buddhism together, explore how mindfulness practices connect with Buddhist teachings, and I’ll introduce other teachings like the Four Noble Truths, and Karma and think about how they can work for us.

Classes usually run for a 6 week period at Amida Mandala Buddhist Temple. 

Please contact Kaspa for find out about the next available 6 week programme.

Email or call 07946 715 730, 01684 572 444.

The sessions will be run by Kaspa Thompson. Kaspa is an ordained Buddhist priest and psychotherapist. As well as these courses he also offers one-to-one mindfulness sessions and psychotherapy sessions.

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Mindfulness and The Meaning of Life

Please contact Kaspa to find out about the commence of his next course.

Suitable for beginners, or people who want to deepen their practice.

Kaspa first ran this course in the summer, and it was a great success.

Each week we’ll explore a different theme, from how to contact the real, beautiful world, beyond our fears and anxieties, to exploring how the choices we make affect our sate of mind and well being. We’ll also establish a home mindfulness meditation practice.

Usually Tuesday evenings
£65 for 6 weeks
7:30pm - 8:30pm at Amida Mandala Buddhist Temple


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