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Herbal Skincare Workshop

14 May 2022

at Rise Plant Kitchen, 1 Edith Walk, Great Malvern  WR14 4QH

Join Alice, a natural skincare practitioner and owner of Nim Cosmetics for a full body sensory experience. 

Using the power of plants she will guide you on the key natural ingredients required for every skin type to enjoy a goddess glow with her secret face mask + scrub recipes unveiled.

As the magic begins to soothe into your skin, gift yourself some space to relax, as Alice guides you through a meditation to truly sink into your soul. After the skincare workshop has commenced guests will gather downstairs to enjoy organic illuminating elixirs + nourishing nibbles provided by holistic health chef Molly.

She will be available for questions about gut health + the importance of plant based whole food nutrition for maintaining beautiful skin. Healthy skin starts from the inside out!

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