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Malvern Dowsers Talks

18 May 2022

The talks take place in the hall at Christ Church on Avenue Road in Malvern, with doors opening at 7.15pm for a 7.30pm start.

Admission to non-members is £5.

Malvern Dowsers’ public meeting on 20th April welcomes Maria Wheatly, a dowser, researcher and author. Maria will present evidence from a number of countries that our ancestors possessed a forgotten knowledge of harnessing the earth’s natural energies through the placing of monuments such as barrows and stone circles.

On 18th May, the group welcomes Duncan Lord, who will dispel the myth that freemasonry is a secret society, but is instead a group for fellowship, charity and ritual. The talk includes the history of the freemasons, featuring some of the eminent men and women through history who have been masons.

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