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28 November 2020

The Fit3Sixty community of members friends and family is walking or running 3,000 miles over November to raise £3,000 for the local food banks particularly the support of children. No child should go hungry this festive period. 

This event combines our love for keeping active with the importance we all feel for our local communities.

Our members have committed to walking and running miles across November to raise awareness and support of the increase of children in our area experiencing food poverty.

By logging their miles at our dedicated webpage and getting sponsorship for their efforts over the month we hope to make a difference. After visiting the local food banks and hearing the % increase of people and children now relying on this resource we knew we had to do something to help.

The current situation has created challenges for many people in changes to financial situations at no fault of their own. So throughout the month we are getting our miles in with the last weekend in November seeing a final and huge effort.

Whilst adhering to all lock down and social distancing rules, that weekend will see our final push for miles and support with 6 of our community aiming to get 100 miles each by running the 10 miles between the two Fi3Sixty gyms in Malvern and Worcester.

We will be setting up collection points for donations also to be made of the key items needed.

You can read more about the fundraising here:

...and more about the gym here:

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