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The Doggies Doodahs Daycare & Home Boarding

We are still operating as a daycare/ boarder but in order to avoid any non-essential travel we are advising clients that we will only take their dog if they have to work, for example key workers. If another family member is at home then we advise that the dog stays home with them. 

The Boarding side of the business is non-existent due to holidays and events being cancelled so we do have space to take dogs for boarding, again for key workers and if any owners need to be hospitalised or are unable to take care of their dog.

We are practicing social distancing, our double gate system at the front of the house enables us to avoid human contact.

Although we cannot offer our services completely free we can offer significant discounts depending on circumstances. 

You can find us on Facebook: @thedoggiesdoodahs

Or Telephone: 07506 044762