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All About Beekeepers

The Malvern and Upton Beekeepers is an active group with a membership ranging from beginners to those for whom beekeeping has been a lifetime’s hobby. As part of the Worcestershire Beekeeping Association, they offer training, talks, outings and much more. Steve Carrott who is an experienced beekeeper and past group chairman tells us more. 

Firstly, when did you join and why?

I joined the group in 1973 after hearing about his bees from a friend and spending time with him as he looked through them and carried out routine management. I was fascinated by what I saw and by the social cohesion of these wonderful insects. The prospect of honey was also an incentive. 

What is so enjoyable about beekeeping?

There are many attractions from watching bees at work and monitoring their development to enjoying the end product, particularly on winter mornings.  To see a new young queen begin to lay eggs is a special thrill, handling swarms is an enjoyment, especially those easy to access. The friendly fellowship of other beekeepers is also very pleasing.

Is it difficult to get involved?

There are different levels of involvement. We all have a natural curiosity of the workings of nature and are mostly aware of the vital role bees play, together with the reliance we have on them.  Associate Membership of our group is open to anyone who would like to discover some of their secrets.  

We hold meetings, provide a detailed study course in the Springtime and weekly practical sessions through the Summer where members can see the workings of a hive and handle bees themselves, under appropriate supervision. For those who wish to go on and have their own bees there is full membership where we give further information, advice, support and importantly third party insurance through a national scheme. We are affiliated to the British Beekeepers Association which supplies members with a monthly “Beekeepers’ News”. 

What else does the association do?

We hold an informative Annual Honey Show which is open to the public and is an opportunity for friendly competiton by beekeepers, who display the various products of beekeeping and other associated items of interest.  

We also fulfil a community role by attending and taking away unwanted swarms which can naturally cause some anxiety. 

Honey bees continue to fascinate us as they have done down the centuries and on request we may be able to provide a speaker for other interest groups.

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