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All About Work Experience Blog 2019

My name is Lucy Lambourne and I have recently finished my GCSE exams at Malvern St James. I did my work experience from the 24th to the 28th of June 2019. I had the opportunity to do my work experience at All About Magazine which has guided me to realise I want to be in the creative industry in the future as I am to pursue Art, English Literature and Drama at A level.

Working with such inspirational and hardworking people it was not a challenge to fit in at the start of the week. I worked with Sascha McDonald, the Editor with 10 years of experience of running her own business, I was learning something new each day. I learnt how to start a small business, how to design advertisements and the eight-week process of creating a new edition.

My goal for this week was to write something for the magazine which I excitingly achieved which   will be in Aug/Sep edition. I am grateful I got writing advice from James McDonald who is the writer for the All About Magazine and was a Journalist for the BBC. Receiving his feedback about my writing and techniques about what to do has strengthen my confidence about my writing.

I appreciate having this opportunity with creative and friendly people.  

Lucy Lambourne, June 2019