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Colwall Community Hub

A friendly local group is organising relaxed drop-in meetings and other activities in Colwall. Colwall Community Hub meets on the first Monday of each month between 3pm and 4.30pm at the Colwall Park Hotel; everyone is welcome. Rita Evans helps to organise it and tells us more.

What’s the purpose of the hub?
It's simply to bring local people together and foster a sense of community. There’s a free cup of tea or coffee and if you’re lucky a biscuit!
There’s always a chance to meet someone new and occasionally we’ll organise games or an activity. We’ve had several guest speakers with useful advice and tips on everything from fire safety to the local ring and ride service. 
Another part of the hub’s purpose is to support local people if they need help with anything – we can point them towards the relevant services and hopefully solve their problem.

Who runs the Colwall Hub?
There’s a small group of three of us and its very much a joint and collaborative effort, playing to our time and strengths. There are 64 Talk Community Hubs across Herefordshire, all supported by a central team who have given us training. In the immediate area there are another five hubs in Ledbury, all carrying out similar activities to us.

Who comes along?
A real variety of people – everyone is welcome. Numbers vary and we can have as many as 20 people at one time, some come early and join in with a social walking group that sets off from outside the Colwall Park Hotel at 2.15pm ahead of our meeting.

As well as our social meetings we try different ‘pop-up’ tasks such as litter picking and a games evening. If it’s popular, we’ll keep on doing it!
We have just begun an evening meeting at the Royal British Legion Club in Colwall, with games and skittles, which is very family-friendly. We’ve only been open 8 months and we will evolve our events depending on what people would like to do.

How can people find out more?
We post information on noticeboards around Colwall as well as the Colwall Noticeboard group on Facebook. The Talk Community has a useful website (see below) and otherwise just come along on the first Monday afternoon of the month! Ask at reception in the Colwall Park Hotel and they will point you towards our meeting.