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Community Builders in Malvern

A team of Community Builders is growing across the Malvern area, ready to help local people and groups improve their neighbourhoods and communities. Emily Johnson is one of the Community Builders and tells us more. 

So what exactly do you do?

Our job is to help individuals and groups in our area to link up, attract funding, or find the right advice to get their ideas and ambitions off the ground. 

The idea of Community Builders began in South Devon a few years ago and was such a success that the idea has been adopted in the Malvern Hills District. Its about connecting like-minded people who want to bring about change. In Devon they helped to start everything from regular coffee mornings to social dog walking, IT Support groups and crafting workshops, memory cafes and singles nights. 

Our team has been busy in the area ‘asset-mapping’, in other words seeing what resources might be available to anyone thinking of forming a group or starting their own project. In that way, when someone has an idea, it can become reality more quickly as we can help to give them a headstart.

Can you give examples of how you help?

Recently I have been helping a group of people in Kempsey who formed a community interest company that is actively involved in helping local people. They have recently set up a warm space where people can visit during the colder months to enjoy a hot drink and some company. 
In the village of Guarlford I have helped a lady who is looking for funding to improve the village hall, and in Malvern Vale a colleague helped to start a walking group. This started with three regulars and has quickly grown, with up to 19 people joining each walk!

Next, we hope to support a group of residents in Upton who have plans to further improve the town. It doesn’t matter how far along you are with plans, you are always welcome to get in touch to see how we might be able to help you.

Where can we find out more?

We have a small team that can help at the District Council; you can call me on (01684) 862178 or email me at 
There are more community builders based with Age UK locally and Malvern Town Football Club. We also have social media accounts where you can see updates of our work; take a look at @mhd_communitybuilders on Instagram and search for us on facebook. You can also read about our work on the Community Pages of the District Council’s website.