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Green Fingers in Late Summer

At Caves Folly in Colwall, Bridget is enjoying late summer and planning ahead.  

Late summer in the garden can be beautiful. Large blocks of daisies such as Echinacea, Helianthus and Rudbeckia along with late flowering grasses and Asters can provide a stunning finale to the end of summer. Remember to leave seed heads on the plants into winter for the birds.

Now is a great time to plan borders for next year. Take some pictures of them now and make a note of any perennials which need dividing or moving, or any shrubs which need pruning in the autumn or winter.

Is there a time in your border that has no interest or colour? Write the details in your diary or make a dated catalogue of pictures on the computer of the garden. However well you know your patch, it is always difficult to envisage flowers on a cold and grey February day!

Vine weevils start to lay eggs in summer. The grubs are starting to get established for winter and could eat all your lovely pot plants, so now is the time to treat all your containers with nematodes. Order some to water in before the weather gets cold.

From now through to November is a good time to plant, water plants in well and they will get established before the winter. We are having our annual Sale in September, so come along and get some bargains!

Jobs in late summer:
• Take cuttings now of tender plants such as Penstemon and Salvias.
• Harvest Sweetcorn and onions (only when the foliage dies back).
• Dead-head Lavender and tidy foliage.
• Collect seeds as the pods brown.
• Cut out one in three stems of rambler roses and shorten new shoots.
• Use vine weevil nematodes this month to control larvae in pots and borders.  
• Protect carrots with mesh to prevent carrot root fly attack.
• Prune out fruited canes of summer raspberries.
• Raise ripening squashes off the soil to prevent rotting.
• Plant out transplants of broccoli, cabbage and kale as soon as possible.
• Sow winter salad leaves in late August.
• Plant garlic during September/October in light soils.


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