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Malvern Aikido

Malvern Aikido meets weekly for training sessions aimed at every level, from beginner to advanced practitioner. Aikido is a modern martial art that is non-competitive, but focuses on improving character and self-defence. Paul Adkins from the group tells us more.

Tell us about your club

We started in the early 1990s and were originally based at the Wyche Institute. I took over as the Dojo Cho (Club Leader), looking after the club, when the then leader moved abroad. We meet regularly on Monday evenings at Rodway Hall in Redland Road, Malvern Link. 

In addition we hold extra sessions on one Saturday morning each month and one Wednesday evening. Our core membership stands at around 15 members of varying ability and grades. There is a grading system of five stages which lead eventually to black belt - the current club leaders holding 2nd degree black belt. There is no rush to grade and many practitioners stay at a level comfortable for them for many years. Age is no barrier with some people continuing to train into their 70s and 80s.

What attracts people to Aikido?

Specifically, there are no attacking moves in Aikido unlike other martial arts. Many people assume martial arts to be aggressive and involve fighting, but Aikido works on the principle of re-directing an opponent’s strength and is all about defensive moves. The word Aikido can be translated as ‘the way of harmony’ and is as much about protecting your opponent as yourself.

Is anyone welcome to come and try?

Our club is for people aged 18 and above, beyond which there is no real age limit. It doesn’t require strength and both men and women take part on equal terms.

As a club we are part of the British Aikido Federation which is affiliated to the Hombu Dojo dojo in Tokyo, Japan where the art originated. Japan remains the home of traditional Aikido and once a year a high-ranking Japanese teacher will be sent to our Summer School held annually in Chester. 

In addition to this we hold British Aikido Federation (BAF) courses several times each year and Malvern club has the honour of hosting the Spring Course at the Edinburgh Dome, part of Malvern St. James School. These courses attract practitioners from all over the country and even from abroad and last year we had about 150 attendees.

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