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Walking Netball in Ledbury

A new sport has come to Ledbury. Taking place on Wednesday afternoons, Walking Netball is a great way to improve your fitness and have fun at the same time. The sessions are being run by Lindsay Davies who tells us more.

What happens at Walking Netball?
The whole session is very informal – we begin with a welcome and then there’s a warm-up, which involves some fun and isn’t like anything you might have done at school! We move into practising skills which might be passing or moving and we will finish with a game, or an adapted game, depending on numbers. 

It really is open to everyone regardless of ability. You don’t need to know all the rules and it doesn’t matter if things go wrong, its not about being good but having a go and enjoying it.

Who plays Walking Netball?
It’s a real mix, and the great thing about walking sports is that it allows players of all abilities to enjoy a game together. Although most players are women, men are welcome and we occasionally have a husband or partner joining in!
It's suitable for older people who used to play and want to re-start. Equally, we see women who have recently had children and want to re-start low-impact sport before returning to the full game. Overall, we have players of every standard who want to enjoy the sport whether returning to it, or starting it for the first time.

What’s the appeal of netball?
Almost everyone played at school, and even those who didn’t like playing back then try it again and discover that they really enjoy playing. It’s a very different experience compared to school, there’s more of a social element and each session is relaxed and fun. People who come once really enjoy it, and end up coming back again.

Walking sports have grown hugely in popularity in recent years and Walking Netball started in 2015. We sometimes take our players to watch super league games, and the national team played at this year’s Commonwealth Games, boosting the popularity of the game further. 

Where do you meet?
Walking Netball takes place at 2pm every Wednesday afternoon at Ledbury Rugby Club. If the weather allows we play outdoors, and in the longer term we are hoping to have permanent court markings. There is also a roomy indoor space with a high ceiling that allows the sessions to continue indoors during the winter months. If you’re interested in trying it, call or email me first (see below). Each session costs £5 to join and we look forward to seeing you soon! 

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