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The winner of the Open Air Photographic Exhibition in Malvern

The winner of Malvern’s first Outdoor Photographic Exhibition is this amazing photograph of a fox, taken by Carl Day. 

A series of pictures were on display in the town centre through the summer and autumn, with the public encouraged to vote for their favourite via mobile phone.

‘I am flattered’ says Carl ‘and quite surprised to win as I was up against some really good images. The photograph was almost an accident. I was in a farmer’s field trying to photograph a hen harrier which had been spotted nearby. The temperature at the time was minus 16 Celsius so as you can imagine, I couldn’t stay outdoors for very long. I had concealed myself using camouflage and I was lying on the ground just as the sun was rising. Suddenly the fox appeared. He was oblivious to my presence so I took a snap. He heard the click of the camera’s shutter, looked around and then carried on towards me! At the very last moment I peered around the side of my lens at him, he spotted me, and trotted away. I think part of the photo’s success is the fact that it’s a natural shot and not a set-up.’

Carl has been taking photography seriously for the past six years, after becoming hooked during a holiday to Pembrokeshire. Back at home in Malvern, he began putting many hours of work into his new hobby. ‘This is a good part of the world to be a photographer’ he says, ‘we have many different habitats on and around the Hills and a good array of wildlife around us. The start or the end of the day is the best time to see wildlife, when there’s nobody else on the Hills, the wildlife comes out. You wouldn’t believe how much you can see!’

The exhibition, called ‘In and Around Malvern’ was organised by the Beacon Camera Club and Pulse Great Malvern which promotes events around the town centre. Anna Brook from Pulse Malvern helped to organise it. ‘The reaction to the exhibition has been fantastic. The Beacon Camera gained many new members as a result, and we received many kind comments from local traders as well as visitors to the town and local people. In fact the reaction was so positive, we are delighted that Malvern Hills District Council will allow us to keep the exhibition in place until early January. People are already asking if we can arrange another exhibition, so we are looking at the possibilities.’

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